Valentine’s Day pancakes in Leeuwarden





Ali, Jordan & a not-so-impressed Anthony enjoying the Pannekoekschip (pancake ship) in Leeuwarden on Valentine’s Day.

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Manuel is Looking for Love

Dashing Spanish waiter seeks compatible woman for romance in the English Riviera. Promises mishaps, misadventures and plenty of tales from Barcelona.


Manuel is looking for love this Valentine’s Day! Tired of constant abuse from Basil and advances from ‘continental’ chefs, he has decided to try and find himself a woman.

Despite the large amount of visitors to their hotel, Manuel has not had much luck in the love department and wishes to spend this year’s Valentines Day with someone other than his Siberian hamster. Basil has already banned any mention of the ‘V’ word this week (along with the mention of certain other things) and is extremely disapproving of his waiter’s desperate pursuits. Sybil has tried her best to help, even encouraging Manuel to sign up to a dating website. However, he seems to have had a bit of trouble setting up a profile and so recorded a video instead. Watch his appeal for love.

His general preferences in a woman:

–        Must be fond of pets

–        Under 5ft 2”

–        Ideally will speak basic Spanish

If you fit this description, or know someone that does, get in touch! You can tweet us with the hashtag #takemanuelout or message us on Facebook. If we get a lot of responses we might even have set up a Faulty Towers speed-dating event… although we won’t mention that to Basil!

 Follow us on Vine for more short video clips from behind the scenes. Username: @faultytowersdining

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