Tweet of the Week

Our tweet of the week is from, Nieuwe Nobelaer (@Nobelaer), setting up for the first show of our Dutch tour.

and here’s a photo from @ben_turner on Instagram who was in the audience

Tickets to shows in the Netherlands can be found here.

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Tweet of the week

This week’s tweet of the week is from Roel Vente (@RoelVente) at Het Park, Hoorn in the Netherlands. We’re loving these lights!

Keep tweeting us your photos because we love to see them and you might just end up here next week!


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The race is on!

Can Manuel make it from to Heerlen in 2 days? We doubt it, but he’s trying…

Here’s him setting off from Hilversum yesterday morning. If you see him on the way, please point him in the right direction!

… and who is that kind, but mysterious stranger?


Faulty Towers The Dining Experience appears at the Theater Heerlen from the 21st to the 23rd February. To buy tickets for these shows, click here.

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TV Limburg Interview






Some photos of the team in the Netherlands (Alison Pollard-Mansergh, Jordan Edmeades & Anthony Sottile) filming an interview with Wim Cremers of Limburg Allein at TV Limburg, yesterday in Roermond.

You can watch the interview below and keep an eye out for Manuel’s brilliant bottle opening skills.

If you’d like to come along and meet the Faultys, they’ll be serving dinner in Heerlen from the 21st to the 23rd February. For more information about shows in the Netherlands and Belgium see our website.

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Some photos from Schiedam

Source: Uploaded by user via Faulty on Pinterest

A very scary Mrs. Faulty preparing herself for a “BASSILLL!”

Basil “helping” some guests to find their cutlery.

To see more photos from Schiedam or from tours around the world, visit our Facebook, or check out our Pinterest.

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Missing in Zwolle




At the Odeon de Spiegel, Zwolle there was some super speedy table service in an amazingly decorated room. Zwolle currently holds the records for the fastest Faulty Towers table service at 4 minutes 50 seconds for a room of over 100. A big thank you to Annette and Ton for inviting the Faulty team back!

We also, sadly, lost an important member of the team when a plastic fish was taken. Any information leading to his return should be tweeted @thefaultytowers.


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Romance in the air in Schiedam


Fact of the day:
“Toi toi toi!” is the Dutch equivalent of the English saying, “break a leg!”



Netherlands Tour update! Last week at the Theater Aan Die Schie, Schiedam took breaking the boundaries between performer and actor to a new level with tables set up on stage in a large theatre auditorium. Manuel (Anthony) likes to try and play cupid during the show and we think that this week he might have had some success – Stefan and Rosalieka, if you’re reading this, let us know if you ever went on that date!

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A peek behind the scenes

Some photos of Andy Foreman and Alison Pollard-Mansergh, who co-created the show in 1997, on tour in the Netherlands.




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Art-deco in Ijmuiden

Last week the Netherlands Faulty Towers team (Alison Pollard-Mansergh as Sybil, Jordan Edmeades as Basil and Anthony Sottile as Manuel) enjoyed a week of sold out shows in the beautiful, Art-Deco Thalia Theatre in Ijmuiden. Some great food and packed out shows despite more snow made for a great week.

It was also a week of two Sybils, with a guest appearance from the lovely Donna Gray and after a week of maybe one too many desserts came the very serious suggestion that a certain member of the cast invest in elasticated trousers (any guesses?)

This week the show appeared in Schiedam and Zwolle and look out for some cheesey jokes next week to celebrate the show appearing in Gouda, the home of Gouda cheese.




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