Happy June Faulty fans!

Summer is just around the corner in the UK, so in theory we can put umbrellas away and enjoy beautiful sunsets, barbecues and visits to the seaside. In theory. At time of writing, summer in London is colder than winter in Melbourne – but you get the idea!

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There’s just so much to do in June: music festivals start, summer solstice celebrations pop up, Wimbledon tennis to cheer… and coming to meet the Faultys, of course, at heaps of venues both Down Under and ‘Up Over’ (que?). We picked up Sybil’s calendar in the lost-and-found behind Manuel’s travel case, so you can see what she has to say about it all here…



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Charing Cross Pop-up Promos are back!


The sun’s shining on London and our pop-up promos are back! Limited tickets just £35 for selected dates in June!

Click the links below to get your £35 tickets now:

Sunday 16th June 6.30pm

Tuesday 18th June 7.30pm

Wednesday 19th June 7.30pm

Wednesday 26th June 7.30pm

Friday 28th June 7.30pm

Saturday 29th June 7.30pm

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