Instagrams from Malaysia

We’ve had lots of fun looking through the Instagram posts from the shows that are currently going on at PJ Live Arts in Malaysia, featuring Karen Hamilton as Sybil, Jordan Edmeades as Basil and Geoffrey Reczek as Manuel … here are just a few of the best ones.

If these are your photos, thanks so much for sharing them with us.

Catch Faulty Towers at Frontera, @jayaone. Brought to you by @pjlivearts. A show not to be missed! #faultytowers #sybil #pjla

A photo posted by Frontera Sol Of Mexico (@frontera_pj) on

A very terrifying but funny dinner… #faultytowers #sitcom #dinner #show

A photo posted by Ethan Lee (@louisethan) on

Remember to use #faultytowerslive when seeing shows and sharing your photos and comments, wherever you are in the world! You can follow us on Instagram @thefaultytowers

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Tweet of the Week

Technically not a tweet at all but we loved this photo on Instagram from Sybil on tour in Australia, Lara Dignam (@lardigs) of Andy Foreman choosing his moustache for the night. It makes a difference, don’t you know!

Andy chooses his moustache #ontheroad #faultytowers #haha #funny

A photo posted by @lardigs on

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Tweet of the Week

Thanks Edith (@palinlover)!

The team are back in sunny Brighton in August this year, so if you missed out this time round you can still get tickets for then!

Also, from Instagram this week is this great photo of the team on their last night.

The last day of Faulty Towers at work 🙁 #ThistleBrighton #FaultyTowers

A photo posted by Tasha Rowe (@tashaelaiine) on

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