Guess the city!

We’re returning to The Netherlands from 22 January! Can you guess which Dutch city this is?! Send us your guesses on Twitter or Facebook

Find tickets for The Netherlands, Belgium & Sweden here:

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Merry Christmas from the Faultys (and Manuel!)

christmas faultys

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Tweet of the Week

From our very own Sybil in Bahrain…

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Sybil’s adventures in Norway

Norway here we come!

A photo posted by Donna Gray (@donzigray) on

Basil off duty…..

A photo posted by Donna Gray (@donzigray) on

An off duty Basil…

Taking a baby plane across Norway @thefaultytowers

A photo posted by Donna Gray (@donzigray) on

A little plane!

What's going on? Basil?

A photo posted by Donna Gray (@donzigray) on

This mornings view in Oppdal #hotel #living

A photo posted by Donna Gray (@donzigray) on

The morning view in Oppdal

After show Sybil #flowers

A photo posted by Donna Gray (@donzigray) on

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British Embassy charity show for the RIA Institute in Bahrain



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A week at The Sydney Opera House

Our debut week at Sydney Opera House was a sell-out and many of our guests wrote great reviews on twitter and facebook. Australian Traveller magazine has published a great review too, calling the show ‘a hilarious battle of wits, patience, fire extinguishers and fine food..  distinctly hilarious’. Click here for the full review.

We’re already planning our return so sign up for the newsletter and hear about it the minute we have the dates.

clockwise, from top left: Paul O'Neill (Basil), Peter Mansergh (Company & Financial Director), Claire Housden (Global Operations Manager), Andy Foreman (Manuel) and Karen Hamilton (Sybil).

clockwise, from top left:
Paul O’Neill (Basil), Peter Mansergh (Company & Financial Director), Claire Housden (Global Operations Manager), Andy Foreman (Manuel) and Karen Hamilton (Sybil).

Sybil, Basil and Manuel prepare to treat the Aussies to some fine dining.

Sybil, Basil and Manuel prepare to treat the Aussies to some fine dining.

Our performance space: The Utzon Room, with its thousand-dollar chairs, three-million dollar mural… and a Faulty fish.

Our performance space: The Utzon Room, with its thousand-dollar chairs, three-million dollar mural… and a Faulty fish.

sohsat8-1basil-P1090849basil and sybil-P1090736

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A year at The Charing Cross Hotel in photos


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Tweet of the Week

Manuel posing whilst seating a guest at Larkfield Priory Hotel, Maidstone – he never has been camera shy.


Thanks to Sharon Moore (@the_shazzie_one) for sharing this photo with us.

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Tweet of the Week

A little girl fascinated by Karina Garnett as Sybil in London

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The Birth of a new Basil and Sybil

lara paul

 We recently welcomed Lara Dignam and Paul Geoghegan into the Aussie Faulty family. Having auditioned early in 2013, they rehearsed in March with our team at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Joined by long-standing company member Daley Donnelly (Manuel) and with artistic director Alison Pollard-Mansergh there too, they had their first performance in June at the Warwick Show & Rodeo Society Dinner in southern Queensland. This is what they said afterwards…

FT:       How were you feeling before your rehearsal on Friday? [the day before the Warwick show]

Paul:    I think my main concerns were hoping to impress Ali and to do a good job in general. I was also hoping to have a good rapport with Daley.

Lara:    Somewhat anxious!

FT:       And after your rehearsal?

Paul:    I was a bit brain dead. Learning and polishing in four hours what we covered in a week in Melbourne. When I got home I couldn’t think of a single thing I had done all day.

Lara:    Amazing what putting on the wig and frilly shirt does for your character development!

FT:       What was going through your mind on the drive to Warwick?

Paul:    I spent the two hour drive enjoying the scenery. And listening to select episodes of Fawlty Towers to get me in the spirit of things. When we got to Warwick, I found a coffee shop and had some quiet time having a good coffee and reading over the script one last time.

Lara:    I can’t believe the motel manager in Brisbane snubbed me because I’m in theatre and not on TV! I AM super important!!

FT:       First impressions when you got to the Warwick Rodeo?

Lara:    We were welcomed by seven year old twins wearing pink cowboy hats named Raven and Justice. It was a beautiful, peaceful area with friendly and eager people.

Paul:    The first ten minutes of the show felt awkward but once we got everyone seated I was on. Daley and I found some good comedy with the way Manuel had set the table. And then the night went by with nearly no hitches.

FT:       Were there any funny and/or frightening moments during your debut?

Paul:    I don’t care to admit one minor thing that happened!

Lara:    The moustache falling off (shouldn’t have bought the cheap glue Basil!).

FT:       The post-mortem?!

Paul:    Afterwards I felt good. Nothing was missed. No one got hurt. And everyone had a good time. For a debut performance, it was a good-sized audience to perform for. And performing with Lara and Daley was a delight. I can’t wait to perform with them again.

Lara:    Glad the first one is over and looking forward to the next one.


Paul and Lara are now touring Australia.

For more information about our cast members, go to the Actors page on our website.
For show dates around the world, go to the Tickets page on our website.

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Tweet of the Week

Err Basil, I don’t think you should point at Sybil like that, you never know what might happen!


This week’s tweet of the week from Sarah-Jane (@newbarley) who came to see the show at The Grand Theatre (@Grand_Theatre), Blackpool in the UK!


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Sunny Southport: June Tours Photos

Here are some photos from another of our UK June tours locations: Sunny Southport, where we played three Sold Out shows at The Atkinson.

Pulling faces for the camera are: Jack Baldwin, Ed Howells and Donna Gray (who kindly shared her photos with us).

thport southport3 southport1 southport oijwefgojgoegj ewoijfiogjs

If you joined us in Southport this June send us in your photos, we’d love to see them!
tweet: @thefaultytowers

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Making the Fish

Here are some snaps of Peter, the company Director, preparing the famous fish that we use in our performances.

It’s a lengthy process, with each fish going through at least 4 stages to reach the final product.



Half fish are cut and filled with foam to strengthen them. Whole fish are weighted to balance correctly on the display board. Lets not forget the eyes! These fish have their eyes shipped in to sunny Australia to be attached before the whole fish is varnished ready to be sent out to our venues around the world to begin their intimate relationships with our Basils’ behinds.


Ever been through customs with a bag full of plastic fish? Well, we have.

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