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Sybil Fawlty’s style stands out in the history of the British sit-com as unique and memorable. Combined with her barmy but beautifully arranged bouffant, and her distinctive diction, she instantly recognisable in the UK and world-wide, even over 30 years on.

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If you follow us on Pinterest you may have already noticed that we have a whole board in homage to Sybil’s superb style, filled with more clips from the Fawlty Towers TV series and images of beautiful, handmade clothing that can be bought online through websites such as Etsy.


The great thing about Sybil Fawlty’s huge variety of outfits across the series is that she has provided a wealth of inspiration for our very own Sybils, who each have their own individual take on the character’s fashion sense.

Here are a few of our favourites from recent tours:

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Karina Garnet (left) at Downpatrick, Ireland, Donna Gray (centre) at Charing Cross, London and Amanda McKay (right) at Fringe World Perth, Australia.

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Karen Hamilton (left) at  Edinburgh, Alison Pollard-Mansergh (centre) and Suzanna Hughes (right) at Charing Cross, London.

What are your favourite Sybil outfits from our shows or the original TV series?

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