Sybil’s Summer Specials

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Sybil’s feeling generous to her guests so her Sybil’s Summer Specials continue on selected dates in August with a limited number of tickets just £37.50. Click on the dates below for tickets.

Sunday 3 August (Lunch)

Sunday 3 August (Dinner)

Sunday 10 August (Lunch)

Sunday 17 August (Lunch)

Sunday 24 August (Lunch)

Sunday 31 August (Lunch)

Sunday 31 August (Dinner)

Please note; Sybil’s Sunday Special tickets are discounted but the show remains the same with 2 hour dining experience and 3-course meal included.

Introducing… Jack Baldwin

Nearly two years since he joined the cast, we thought we’d ask Jack Baldwin a little bit about playing Basil Faulty…

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 18.15.13

Q1: What’s your favourite part working with Faulty Towers The Dining Experience?

The best part, for me, is the audience reaction. Occasionally you get to speak to people after the show and the joy with which they talk is very special. Especially when a few generations are present – Granddad to grandson. It always makes me feel very lucky to be in a position to make others laugh.

Q2: Describe yourself in three words?


Q3: What’s your best (or worst) corpse-ing story?

Since I’m so very professional I view corpse-ing as a cardinal sin on stage and therefore only corpse 5 to 15 times per show.

Q4: What similarities and differences are there between yourself and the character you play?

I’m more lethargic, lazy and lugubrious. I generally try to let things wash over me but the longer the tour, the more we merge.


Q5: If you were an animal, what animal would you be, and why?

Unicorn; because they don’t exist.

Q6: Who’s your favourite cast member to share a dressing room with and why?

I’m yet to share a dressing room with anybody due to my overweening arrogance. I always demand my own room, even if it means getting dressed in the corridor. Which I usually have to.

Q7: If your character had a dating profile, what do you think it would say?

Cultured, educated, hospitality entrepreneur seeks peace and quiet. Knowledge of Greek and Latin texts a plus.

Q8: What was your last tweet or Facebook status?

Either some kind of epoch-making philosophy mixed with a zeitgeist-busting witticism or a video of a cat falling over.

Q9: What don’t you leave home without?

Turning off the lights and locking the door.

Q10: Do you have any hidden talents?

Possibly, but I haven’t found any yet.

Regram from Sybil on your @donzigray behind the scenes last week at The Pavilion Arts Centre, Buxton with Jack Baldwin as Basil and Anthony Clegg as Manuel.

Tweet(s) of the week

Julia Claxton (@eyejewels) made us all feel involved with the shows at Thistle Brighton this week with her pictures and comments – we enjoyed watching the chaos unfold!

Instagrams from Malaysia

We’ve had lots of fun looking through the Instagram posts from the shows that are currently going on at PJ Live Arts in Malaysia, featuring Karen Hamilton as Sybil, Jordan Edmeades as Basil and Geoffrey Reczek as Manuel … here are just a few of the best ones.

If these are your photos, thanks so much for sharing them with us.

Catch Faulty Towers at Frontera, @jayaone. Brought to you by @pjlivearts. A show not to be missed! #faultytowers #sybil #pjla

A very terrifying but funny dinner... #faultytowers #sitcom #dinner #show

Pre-show photo with Sybil of Faulty Towers. #faultytowers #fawltytowers #pjla

Remember to use #faultytowerslive when seeing shows and sharing your photos and comments, wherever you are in the world! You can follow us on Instagram @thefaultytowers

Tweet of the Week

This week’s tweet of the week is from Britain Magazine (@BritainMagazine) who linked us to their review of the show at The Charing Cross Hotel where they said lots of lovely things.

Well done to Corin Stuart, Karina Garnett and Brian Roche and thanks again to Britain Magazine!

PJ Live Arts, Malaysia review

Well done to Karen Hamilton (Sybil), Jordan Edmeades (Basil) and Geoffrey Reczek (Manuel) for their first review from their tour of Malaysia. Shows continue until 1 June, tickets available here.

‘the cast of this show are so spot-on with their impersonations that it immediately feels like you are in the characters’ presence… one riotous joke after another’ – On Stage | The Star Online.

Tweet of the Week

Tweet of the week is from Brian Roche (@rochebj), one of our Manuels on tour in the UK, who shared this picture of Karina Garnett as Sybil, Corin Stuart as Basil and himself as Manuel with some of the staff from the Victoria Stakes this week.

Australian Tour

Three festivals, three months in three states -what an adventure the Faulty team had around Australia! Karen Hamilton (Sybil), Benedict Holme (Basil) and Anthony Sottile (Manuel) started the tour in sunny Perth for the Fringe World festival.


They didn’t hang around too long as it was 32 degrees Celsius (a moderately warm day for Perth) and Mrs Faulty kept complaining her face was melting off. They stayed in Perth at Rigby’s Bar and Bistro for just over 3 weeks- plenty of time for Sybil to make some new friends and Basil some enemies…

Next stop was the Adelaide Fringe Festival. The team were expecting sweltering heat but rather they had to go out and buy jumpers (yes, even the Brits!). The team had a wonderful time at the new venue spending just over a month at The Ambassadors Hotel. As per tradition, Karen left behind a signed gnome for the venue to cherish.

After a short break the team arrived in Melbourne for the International Comedy Festival. A city known for its culture and nightlife, here’s Mrs Faulty finding Basil and Manuel in the belly dancers dressing room – “Manuel put that down!”

With Easter fast approaching Mrs Faulty took Basil and Manuel shopping in the city. Basil was less than amused taking the tram…

The team proudly celebrated its 6th year at The Aegean Restaurant and the end of the tour with an Easter feast! Food and wine was enjoyed by all, but perhaps a little too much chocolate for Manuel!

After nearly 3 months interstate the whole team were happy to head back home! Here are some of my highlights from the tour: Mrs Faulty sporting golfing trousers, Manuel flirting with a married woman and Mr Faulty truly losing it! Until next year Fringe World, Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival- thanks for having us!

Jaya – Festivals Manager